Thank you for checking out the HaxeFlixel Snippets site!

The aim of this site is to showcase some of the individual components and functionality of HaxeFlixel in a way that is easily accessible, clear, and concise to users of all levels.

The Scope of these snippets should only encompass existing HaxeFlixel elements. We are trying to avoid drifting too far away from the scope into the territory of basic programming logic, elements from other frameworks or modules (OpenFL, etc), and from complex, full game concepts (like a snippet for a full platformer game or something) - these are better covered in other places, or perhaps as a HaxeFlixel Demo.

This project was started in June 2015 by Tim I Hely with help from Gama11, and the rest of the HaxeFlixel Community.

This site was build using Jekyll (with some fancy, custom plugins) and Bootstrap.

Contributions are strongly encouraged - check out the repository for more details.